GC Tehy Bagheera of Windy Valley
GC Fanci FX Oscar Mayer of Tehy
Brown Mackeral Tabby
GC RW Fanci FX Tequilia Sunrise, DM
Red Mackeral Tabby
GC Fanci FX Abracadabra
GC GP NW Tehy Reddy-Set-Go! of Weekiltie
GC Tehy Stars 'N Stripes of Fanci FX, DM
Brown-Tabby White
Tehy Klondike Bar of Bolo
Bocasana's Needles 'N Pins
GC Kelsha Spirit Way of Tehy
GC NW Kelsha Great Bear, DM
GC NW Bolo Rodeo of Kelsha
GC GP RW Kelsha Blessing Way, DM
GC Tehy's Hope, DM
GC NW Tehy Rise 'N Shine, DM
Aftabi's Marakesh of Tehy
CH Celine Dion
Blue Tabby
CH Diehl's Apparition of Windy Valley
CH Diehl's Tyrus
CH Tehy Joshua of Diehl
CH Diehl's Angel In White Of Judo
CH Diehl's Seasons In The Sun
Calico Smoke
CH Kanora's Tumbleweed Of Diehl
CH Diehl's Shadow Magic
CH Topcattery Tatiana of Windy Valley
Grand Pointed
Brown Patched Tabby
GC RW Marhei Fruit Of The Loom
Red Tabby
GC NW Bar-B V.I.C. of Marhei DM
GC Marhei Fruitcake DM
Topcattery Tabitha
Brown Tabby
GC Red Sky Ship Ahoy of Topcattery
GC Topcattery Tabby