GC Tehy Bagheera of Windy Valley
GC Fanci FX Oscar Mayer of Tehy
Brown Mackeral Tabby
GC RW Fanci FX Tequilia Sunrise, DM
Red Mackeral Tabby
GC Fanci FX Abracadabra
GC GP NW Tehy Reddy-Set-Go! of Weekiltie
GC Tehy Stars 'N Stripes of Fanci FX, DM
Brown-Tabby White
Tehy Klondike Bar of Bolo
Bocasana's Needles 'N Pins
GC Kelsha Spirit Way of Tehy
GC NW Kelsha Great Bear, DM
GC NW Bolo Rodeo of Kelsha
GC GP RW Kelsha Blessing Way, DM
GC Tehy's Hope, DM
GC NW Tehy Rise 'N Shine, DM
Aftabi's Marakesh of Tehy
GC Persipals Henna of Windy Valley
GC RW Cinema's Abracadabra of Persipals
Brown Makeral Tabby-White
Artemis Dream Maker of Cinema
Odd-Eyed White
Artemis Royal Robe
Artemis Amazing Grace
Topcattery Pearl of Cinema
Copper-Eyed White
GC Cheshirr Panama Red of Demigod
CH Topcattery Afterglo
GC BW RW Fumage Fatal Beauty of Persipals
Blue Smoke
GC Nanc-C Jungle Joe of Top Shelf
Black Smoke-White
GC RW Nanc-C's Jack Legaci
GC Purrinlot's Seven-Of-Nine
GC Jovan Femme Fatale of Fumage
Silver Tabby
Ark Star Wish Upon A Star of Jovan
CH Jovan Tiger In The Woods