Vivian 11/28/10

Hello Kelley, Just wanted to share some pictures of my beautiful baby “Pooty”. I had lost my two cats one was 21 years old, “Baby” to old age, which was a Himalyan and the other was 9 years old “Cece”which was a persian, to cancer, both last year. My daughter, “Angela” and son, “Sam”, saw how sad I had become and they spoke to their Dad and he said they could start looking for a new baby kitty for me. Right before X-mas of 2009, my kids both called me to the living room and said to sit down and close my eyes and open my arms and to my surprise, guess what???? They brought me home a new adopted kitty, which we have named “Pooty”. She has made everyday of my life so wonderful. She is cuddly and the most lovable kitty I know. Everyone can come home and call her and she won’t come out. I come home and she comes running out and wants me to pick her up and she hugs me and just purrs away. She is lovable with my two dogs, also and they put up her. Attached is some pictures of her, one is where she is hanging out with “Cassius”, our 6 year old boxer, but she is buddies with “Delilah”, my 3 year old pitbull “Delilah” and should I say, she is the Boss of her. Her and “Delilah” run around the house like a bunch of kids. “Delilah” pushes her around and she falls down and wraps her arms around “Delilah’s” nose, “Pooty” bites her and they take off running again. “Delilah” loves her so much and is so gentle with her. I wake up in the morning and all three of them are sound asleep in their beds together. Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt her. Vivian F. Wildomar ~ California

Thank you Vivian for giving us an update on how your family is doing. It makes us so very happy to hear that Pooty is doing great and she is absolutely gorgeous. It warms our heart to know just how much joy she brings to you.