Tracy 11/5/10

Hi Kelley, Just wanted to give you a quick update on Pierre. He is doing Amazing! He has learned now that nightime is for sleeping, and he’s learned exactly when we wake up, so he waits by the door for my husband to let him in so he can get some attention before I have to get up! (we would let him sleep in the bedroom, but due to his relentless insistence on sleeping directly atop my husbands head, we set him up a little bed in the living room) Unfortunately, he hasn’t learned about weekends.. and gets impatient and starts meowing when we don’t let him in at 5 am, ha! He is the sweetest little guy and everything I was looking for in a cat and more! I loved looking at the updated pictures of the other kittens. I’m sure a 2nd persian will be somewhere in our future someday and don’t want to ever get one from anywhere but Windy Valley Persians!  Thank you so much for everything, Tracy

Thank you Tracy for sharing how wonderful Pierre is doing. His name definitely fits how incredibly handsome and undoubtedly charming he is. It seems that he can not get enough of you or your husband which shows us that we chose the right family for him.