Thomason Family 11/05/06

Hi Kelley, Just wanted to write and tell you how happy we are with “Izzy B”. She is such a sweetie, and entertains us daily with her spirited personality and loving purrs. The boys are crazy about her and just sit around and wait to see what she will do next. They have quickly adapted to having a princess around. She still sleeps with me every night, and follows me around (as a puppy would!!) all day long. Everyone laughs at how close to my side she stays. When she is not performing her very talented gymnastics (apparently she spent some time watching your daughters) she is happily snuggled up against me purring. We love her dearly, and have so much fun watching her antics. She has a wonderful personality, and doesn’t meet anyone she doesn’t like. I know she is really special to you and her mom as she is an “only kitten”. Just wanted to let you know that she is continuing to bring happiness to our family and is our special little princess. Hope you and your family are enjoying your new home, and your new babies. We look at your website all the time. We love to see pictures of the new babies. We will send pictures of Miss Izzy very soon…
Blessings, The Thomason Family ~ Florida

P.S. I take her in the car with me all the time, and to my husband’s office to visit his staff. They LOVE HER, and she loves them, and are always asking that I bring her to visit. They even bought her a play hut, toys, a pink food bowl that says, “princess” on it, and a special litter box, so that she can visit when I go in to help with the accounting from time to time. She is the boss when she goes to the office!! I find something new everyday to love about her. I still am amazed at how beautiful her markings are, and her sugar-tipped paws are adorable!!!

All of us at Windy Valley Persians would like to say thank you to the Thomason family for the beautiful letter and wish their family nothing but happiness.