Susan 6/13/17

Hi Kelley. Today is our Rudy’s first birthday. We can’t thank you enough for letting us have this wonderful boy! Not a day goes by without his making Jim and me laugh. He’s had a healthy, happy year. As you can see, we keep him in a “puppy cut”. Unlike his predecessor, he actually likes the buzzer and we haven’t had to deal with any mats. He’s playful and sweet natured to everyone–including his beagle cousin who is visiting right now. We think he’s a perfect kitty. Thanks again. S.

Dear Susan, He is just adorable and looks so happy. The puppy cut suits him. Happy Birthday Rudy! It’s wonderful to know how great Rudy is doing there in San Clemente, CA. As always, it warms our hearts to know that you and Jim are enjoying him. Thank you so much for sharing!