Melody 1/20/08

Hi Kelley, Just wanted to drop you a note to thank you for the two cream and white male kittens that my mother and I recently adopted. They are sooo much fun! I had forgotten how ACTIVE kittens could be! My mom and I say we’re getting alot more exercise! lol. They are beautiful, healthy babies and LOVE the food you suggested. My “Charley” sleeps with my husband and I. Mom’s “Oliver” sleeps with her. They are just the sweetest purrballs I’ve ever seen!! And Mom has a “new little friend” after losing her elderly cat last September. I had so hoped a new kitten would fill a void and it appears to have done just that, she is in love!! Thanks so much Kelley, you are a real sweetheart! Melody Jones

Thank you to Melody, we are so exicted you and your family are happy with the kittens you adopted from Windy Valley Persians. We know it is difficult to lose a pet and we are so very happy that Oliver has helped to fill that void for your Mom. We really appreciate to hear that Charley and Oliver are doing so well with their new family!