Lesley 9/4/15

Hello Kelley, How are you? Our little fur-babies are just over two years old now, Ponder the black and white male and Wonder the brown patched tabby and white female. They’re our favorite part of our world and the best morning alarm clock we’ve ever had! Haha 🙂 Since we work at home they follow us around the condo all day it’s just amazing how close we are. They’re the favorites at the grooming shop we go to because they’re apparently so nice and easy to work with. Ponder is outgoing and adventurous and isn’t afraid to try to eat my lunch as his favorite thing is food. Thankfully regular vet visits help us keep an eye on his weight! He’d eat a whole garden of vegetables if I had one! Wonder is the little princess, she’s quiet, reserved, very polite and especially loves to snuggle before bed at night. Thank you for these loving cats! Lesley

Dear Lesley, It’s absolutely wonderful that Ponder and Wonder are such a happy part of your lives. We can’t tell you how happy that makes us to know they are in a lovely family and enjoying themselves. It truly warms our hearts to be updated on how they are doing. Thank you so much for sharing with us.