Lara 4/12/15

Dearest Kelley, Abner has now turned 1 year old and I wanted to tell you how amazing life has been this past year. Full of so much change and redirection. He truly is the sweetest and most affectionate cat I’ve ever had. He loves following me everywhere I go and plopping down on my yoga mat. He travels with me whether it’s to work, visiting friends, flying across country, or just going for a drive. He’s “preciously portable” as my friends have quoted. There is no one who hasn’t fallen in love with him. Most of all… ME! You are such an amazing woman and I know it translates into your beautiful cattery and the kittens you raise. I’m truly blessed to have crossed your path last year. I have recommended you to all those who have fallen in love with Big Ab! I’m glad we were able to visit with you a year later. We will always stay in touch as it so much fun sharing pics and his growing fur with you. Thank you again for all the blessings you have given me during a difficult time with the loss of my dear Pompi. You will never know how much you helped me. 5 stars to Windy Valley Persians. I would never look anywhere else. Not only did I get a new kitten I got a friend in you. Love & Blessings always. Lara & Abner

Dear Lara, We are so happy that Abner is in such a loving home with you. He is quite handsome and you two look great together. “Preciously portable” is a perfect word for him. We can’t thank you enough for sharing how he has become such a great part of your life. Happy Birthday Big Ab! Thank you for your kind words.