Konny 12/28/2017

Hiya Kelley~ ! 2017 has been such an exciting year. My home has been filled with so much happiness because of two new furballs, Princess Peach and Beignet! Peaches is my sweet, sweet baby girl. She’s a bit clumsy and runs like a kitten lol. Watching her attack feathers and little mice is the CUTEST thing. She’s quiet, soft-spoken, and a perfect little angel. Her powdery blue fur is as soft as her personality. People who pet her for the first time always comment that she feels so soft! Beignet, my little bear, is on my lap as I type this.

He is a studly 16v purring machine. Along with a robust purr, he also has quite a commanding voice. This boy knows what he wants and all he wants is love. His favorite bed is my keyboard or head. Peaches and Beignet have the best temperaments out of all the cats I’ve owned. They make such good pets and are so adorable. These kitties just complete me. They warm my heart and feet daily! Thank you for your amazing work and dedication to the breed. Happy new year in advance to you and your family! <33 Love, Konny


Dear Konny, Thank you so much for letting us know how well Princess Peach and Beignet are doing. She is quite beautiful and he is very handsome in their holiday outfits! It is heartwarming for us to hear they are filling your home with happiness. Thank you for sharing with us.