Johanna 9/11/10

Hi Kelley, Here are some pictures I just took of Tiger Bar today–He is really growing up fast and I love him so much it’s hard to describe in words. He is getting more big and beautiful by the day—his paws are already the size of my (last) 9 year old Persian! I had a really hard day yesterday, probably the hardest since the school season began, and Tiger Bar was so sweet, he really was extra affectionate and seemed very concerned with how I was feeling. This experience really strengthened our bond even more, I truly believe he can sense and understand what I am feeling when I am that sad. It was very touching. On a lighter note, he is eating, drinking and using his litterbox beautifully (although he is even a little obsessive about covering in the litterbox after he is done–I have to go and tell him sometimes that it is good enough! 🙂 I have a whole drawer full of different toys I’ve collected over the past two monthes for him, and he loves me to take out different ones for him. He is still a little chewy, so I bought him some chicken flavored chew sticks for cats that I found at the pet store—sometimes he’ll hold one in his paws like a lollypop! I hope that you and your family are doing well, and that you have a wonderful weekend! Best, Johanna

We are so happy to hear that Tiger Bar is so sweet and affectionate. It sounds like you two are a perfect match. He sure is a handsome one and we are so glad he has found a wonderful home with you.