Jan & Steve 12/07/06

Hi Kelley,

I am so very happy and honored to contribute to your long overdue Testimonial Page. I have had pets of all sorts in my 50 years, and was given my very first Persian for my “Sweet 16” birthday. He was a gorgeous red cameo I named George. Since then, I’ve had 5 others including a Himalayan, along with other cats as well, and am completely capitivated by the breed.

Approximately 2 1/2 years ago, our only child, Steve, Jr. passed away suddenly here at home. My husband and I have continuosly been devastated by the fact that we will never watch our son graduate college (as he was so close to doing at the time), marry, and give us the joy of knowing grandchildren.

At that time, we had just one persian in our family, a tortie named Buffy, who herself was almost 13 years old. We discussed getting another kitten, and I began watching the newspaper ads. Then I began searching the websites. Windy Valley Persians was the very first site I came to and when scrolling the gallery of kittens, I spotted the most adorable little dilute calico. I’ve always been partial to torties and calicos of all shades, but this one was really something special. I could see it in her eyes, and in her sweet expression.

I immediately emailed Kelley Phillips, and found I had made a true friend. We talked and emailed back and forth, and I eagerly awaited the day when I could go to the airport and pick up my new baby, “Mein Schatze” (which means, “my treasure” in German). Schatze has been with us for over 2 years now, and has brought back laughter and spark into our lives that we dreamed would never be possible. She is so highly intelligent, such a clown, and has such a sweet nature, I am constantly in awe of her.

Sadly, a few months ago, our older “Buffy” had to be put to rest. She was so much a center of our lives, and such a wonderful companion to Schatze, we all felt the deep loss.

So I checked on Kelley’s website, and was once again, captivated by a tiny little brown patched Tabby female. This little girl had a tough start in life, but through Kelley’s love, expertise, and extra tender loving care, “Tinkerbell” was ready to come join our family late October. We absolutely adore her, she is thriving, and is best of friends with Schatze. They are the center of my world.

Now, once again we await the arrival of our newest Windy Valley baby, another dilute calico, this one a doll face, which we have all ready named “Kushei” which is German for “Cuddles”. I truly believe she is the perfect “balance” for us.

My husband and I have nothing but the highest praise for Windy Valley Persians and Kelley — these kittens are the healthiest, strongest, most intelligent and loving cats that I’ve ever shared my home with.

Kelley is always available for any questions, or concerns, and puts my mind at ease when I worry over the little things. At our ages it’s doubtful that we will bring any more cats into our home, but if that day every does come, we would never settle for less than a Windy Valley Baby. Kelley should rename it “Kelley’s House of Little Blessings”!

If anyone at all would like to contact me regarding my experiences with these remarkable Persians, please don’t hesitate to contact me at janhehir@optonline.net Keep bringing on the miracles!

Jan and Steve Hehir ~ Long Island, New York

Windy Valley Persians would like to say thank you to Jan and Steve Hehir for their touching letter. We are so incredibly honored to know that we have helped bring happiness to them.