Jacqueline 8/16/12

Hi Kelley, Walter is doing great. We are just absolutely in love with him. He loves to play 24-7 and is quite the mischievous little boy. When we got him, he weighed in at 3.2 lbs and at our most recent vet visit, he came in at a whole 4 lbs so he is definitely a healthy and growing little kitten. Thank you so much for taking good care of him for us. I will keep you posted with more pictures as time goes by so you can update your website also. I hope all is well! Here’s a recent pic of him, playing with his tail. ~ Jacqueline N.

Thank you Jacqueline for sharing how absolutely adorable and playful Walter is. We are so happy that he brings such love and a little mischief to your family. He looks like he couldn’t be happier, what a sweetie! We would really like for you to send us more pictures of this handsome little guy in the future.