Estella & Al 8/25/14

Evening Kelley, Stirling’s fur has gotten so thick and silky these last few months. Also his tail has increased in volume and looks so sexy. Harlow is an absolute beauty and gets prettier every day. They had such great mothers too! They cover their “potty”, dainty little eaters, bath themselves all the time and are purr monsters! They follow me around the house and sleep with us every night. They have filled our house with beauty, love and companionship. Thanks again for being such a responsible breeder and an overall caring person. Hugs, Estelle, Al, Harlow and Stirling

Dear Estelle, Thank you so much for sharing how well Stirling and Harlow are doing. They sound so content and happy. We are blessed that we can share in the happiness they have provided to you and your family. Stirling is quite the handsome one and Harlow is absolutely gorgeous. We are grateful that they are in such a loving and caring home where they can enjoy their lives.