Don & Jeanne 1/14/13

Dear Kelley, Just wanted you to know the happiness that emanates from the Bodacious “Bodie”. He is almost 7 months old now but the antics continue to evolve daily. He truly is the most amazing kitten we have ever owned. From the day we brought him home he was and still is fearless, curious, the smartest and most loving little feline. I forgot, he is handsome too. And knows it. His older step brothers, ages 3 and 10, are smitten with him also and give him guidance. Also they play more than they have in years and try to keep up with the rocket that runs through this house. Thank-you for the Love and Blessings that come “built-in” those little fur babies! Bodie’s love is evidenced from the heart shape of his little nose. His only quiet time is watching the birds perched high up on his cat condo. And I recall when he was just starting to play, you told me he was the instigator with his sisters and he would hide and pounce at your feet as you entered a room. He still does that too. We think every home should have a “Bodie”! The world would be laughing a lot more. Thank you, Kelley. Sincerely, Don and Jeanne Bondzio

Dear Don and Jeanne, We thank you for letting us know how Bodie has brought more laughter and fun to your home. He is very handsome and looks so adorable all stretched out. Thanks for loving him sooo much. It truly makes us so happy to hear that he is a blessing to your family.