Debbie 2/25/15

Good morning Kelley,

I wanted to share these pictures of Oatmeal. She loves to watch me work on the computer. Next picture she is relaxing on her pillow. She loves to look out the window and watch the birds. She waits by my grandaughter’s door every morning for her to let her in. She will stay there for a couple of hours every morning. She is relaxing being cool with her biker hat. She wakes me up every morning at 4 to 5 am for me to hug, pet, brush and feed her. She follows me around the house and will sit next to me. If I am downstairs and going to go back upstairs; she will run ahead of me, stop, turn around, and make sure I’m following her. She is such a good kitty.

Your friend,
Debbie K.



Dear Debbie, We are thrilled that Oatmeal has become such an affectionate, sweet and of course “cool” kitty. It truly make us so happy to know that Oatmeal is doing so wonderful and obviously loves you and your family so very much. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences and adorable pictures with us.