Carol 7/6/15 & 7/19/15


Hello Kelley, I thought you might be happy to know that I had a call yesterday evening from my vet. She wanted your cattery info, as she had several people ask her about where to get a Persian kitten and she wanted to send them to you, since Percy made a great impression. I gave her your website address, and she said she would pass it on to the clients who’d asked her about Persians. I figured you would appreciate knowing Percy is a good ambassador for Windy Valley Persians. So if you get a few people calling or emailing from Yorba Linda, that’s probably why 🙂 Percy is well. He, like Gypsy, believes the ceiling fan was installed for the comfort of the cat. He got comfortable enough with his “safe space” that he has been allowed to explore most of the downstairs area and quickly found all the spots where he can lie so the fan helps cool him off. He even protested yesterday when he was brought downstairs and the fan was off. I thought you might appreciate the good word from my vet. Carol


Hello Kelley, Wanted to thank you again for Percy and for all the hard work making sure he’s so well socialized and used to being groomed. He’s been a joy at home, and quickly let us know that a room with no person in it was NOT an acceptable temporary home, so his new safe room is the spare bedroom my daughter uses over the summer. They both seem to enjoy this arrangement quite a bit, and my daughter is used to young animals, having had her puppy in with her a few years ago at her Dad’s house. Percy is still closed off from Gypsy, although thanks to him thinking freedom was just behind the door, they did get one face to face meeting already this afternoon. Gypsy seems open to negotiations, as her response was simply to stomp off to her cat tree and glower at him. I’m betting she will come around pretty quickly (and I sure hope she does, her dropping a cat toy in my mouth last night was exactly why I got her some same-species companionship.) Percy quickly discovered both microfiber blankets and plush animals, as he’s made himself at home on my daughter’s bed. He certainly seems to enjoy the kibble a bit more than the meat, although he’s eaten a bit of that. I know you have quite a few pictures, but thought you might like one of his first day here. Thank you again, Carol

Dear Carol, Thank you so much for sharing your news about Percy. He sounds like he’s adjusting very well. Mr. Ambassador Percy is a very handsome boy and he is blessed to be in your family. We also appreciate you letting us know that your vet is interested in Windy Valley. It is a great compliment.