Carol 11/11/08

Hi Kelley, Have been meaning to write you since I got my baby Annie from you. She is adorable — such a love! My husband is crazy about her, also. She’s the sweetest, most loving kitten I’ve ever had. And so beautiful!! We love her so much, and she is so much company for us. My Hubby fusses about her, worries constantly that she’s lonely and doesn’t like leaving her alone, as she might “Miss us”! He calls her “The baby”! Our old cat, 15 years old, had to be euthanized a few months ago, and Annie has been wonderful to cheer us both up. The old one was never very affectionate, so Annie is a real treat to have around. She follows me around the house like a dog would. Thanks again, Kelley, for our Baby! She’s a treasure! Annie is the most wonderful gift anyone ever gave me!! Carol Oakley

We are absolutely thrilled to hear that you and your husband consider Annie such a treasure! We appreciate you keeping us updated on how great it is to have her as part of your family.