Breezy Blue ESA

Hello Kelley,

I know you like hearing from owners of Windy Valley Persians, and wanted to let you know how Breezy Blue is doing.  As you know, I adopt Persians to work as Emotional Support Animals, since they help me immensely with my PTSD.  I have suggested Windy Valley Persians to my therapist as a source of ESAs for other veterans, since your cats are so social and loving.  Breezy is especially empathic, almost as if she was bred to do this job.  When I am in a slump, she seems to know and will follow me around like a dog, not leaving my side, and even sleeping on the pillow with me.  She is a gem, and I thank you again for sharing her with me.

My vet still wishes Breezy can give classes for cats on how you behave when someone is examining you.  I imagine that is her history with shows coming out, but my vet thinks she is a gem as well.

Thank you again Kelley,