Both Girls Purr Constantly

Hi Kelley. I hope all is well with you. Kiki and Lucy are doing fantastic!!!! Kiki is a wonderful big sister and shares all of her toys and favorite spots with Lucy. Lucy and Kiki have bonded quite nicely and are together most of the time. Both girls are super sweet and sleep with us at night since the Fall weather has set in. Lucy is growing by leaps and bounds and is quite the lap sitter and a cuddle bug. The first night Lucy came home, I went into her room and sat on the floor. She immediately got on my lap, snuggled into my arm like a human baby, and purred up a storm. Lucy sits on my lap every chance she gets. Even when I am on the potty. She likes to lay on my chest at night and we fall asleep together. Kiki likes to sleep by my head.

Both girls purr constantly. All we have to do is talk to them and they purr! Of course Mom and Dad are petting machines! Kiki is finally happy again, plays with Lucy and the toys. Lucy and Kiki are both very intelligent. Lucy figured out how to get through the slats on the baby gate into Dad’s office a few days after she came home. We had to tape cardboard to the gate until she grew enough that she could fit through the slats.

I don’t know what the fascination is that makes them stick their heads in the basket. It is super cute.

Kirk said to tell you that we couldn’t have two better kitties. Our girls bring us constant joy and we love our babies so much!!

Thanks again for our two beautiful babies!!!