Barbara 9/12/13

Oh Kelley! How we love baby Lila Pearl. She has adjusted like you would not believe. She plays with her toys and carries them around in her mouth so proud. She eats like a champ. Sleeps on my head. She purrs as soon as you touch her or pick her up. Every one loves her and she seems to love every one. She is not afraid of the vaccumn and noises (well a couple of times she’s jumped). We have so much fun watching her play and run around. She follows me around and watches my every move. I don’t know how we lived without her. I have taken some really cute pics of her and when my boys come over I will ask them to help me send them to you (I am computer illiterate). Her first visit to the Vet is next Tuesday, wanted you to know. Thank you for raising our wonderful new friend. Will stay in touch. You stay happy and healthy, Love, Barbara P.
San Diego, CA

Dear Barbara, We are so happy baby Lila Pearl has such a loving home. Thank you for sharing with us how she is doing. We really appreciate knowing our little blessings are happy in their forever homes. We can’t wait to see the pictures.